How to deal with a Stress Breakout

We all get stressed every now and then. And stress can have damaging effects on our wellness, especially our skin. When life gets difficult and we’re filled with anxiety, it shows on our faces and bodies.
None of us enjoy having irritated skin or blemishes. We feel uncomfortable and it can even affect our confidence. So, how do you deal with a stress breakout ?


Wash, cleanse and repeat
If you don’t already have a strict skincare regime, you need to start one straight away. You need to consider whether the products you’re currently using are right for your skin. A face wash that used to work perfectly on your skin may not be what you need right now. If your skin is more oily than usual, try a product specifically designed for oily skin. If your skin is dry, make sure you’re using the right face cream. Afriderm Peeling Gel is a great product that gives your skin a deep cleanse.


Watch what you eat and drink
Your diet greatly affects your skin and if you’re already dealing with a breakout, you need to be extra careful. It’s a good idea to avoid large amounts of sugar as it is known to be an irritant for people suffering from acne. Foods you should be eating include: fresh berries (raspberries, blueberries and blackberries), whole grains and green vegetables. Replace alcohol and coffee with water and green tea to stop your skin from getting any worse.


Consult a professional
Going for a professional facial every few weeks is a great way to clear up your skin. A skincare professional can also advise you on what you should do for your specific skin type. They can tell you which products to use and when. Be careful when taking advice from friends and family as there are many myths about skincare that can actually be harmful.


Of course, stress doesn’t only cause facial blemishes, it can also cause irritations and dry skin on your body. If this happens, you should make sure to moisturise with body cream for dark skin regularly after you shower or bath.

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